How OSU Students Participated in American Pharmacists Month

The APhA-ASP chapter at  Oregon State University chose to celebrate American Pharmacist Month this year by recognizing the pharmacists which inspire and motivate their student pharmacists. OSU College of Pharmacy students developed diversity awards, using the word diversity as a pneumonic for nine-character traits that students admire in their pharmacy mentors. Students in their second to fourth professional year then nominated pharmacists throughout the summer. Nine pharmacists were formally recognized at the College’s Orange Hour reception, an event health the night before the Oregon State Pharmacy Association’s Annual Convention. Students read excerpts from each awardee’s nominator and then delivered a gift from the college, certificate of recognition and the full nomination packet.

The Awardees Included:

D: Diligent – Tonya Bass “Tonya is a fine example of what it truly means to be a conscientious and impactful pharmacist in today’s fast paced community pharmacy settings… Patients often remark on her patience and diligence in providing excellent counseling on medications. ”

I: Intellectual – Jill Blount “Jill is a pharmacist that students can count on… She will encounter a complex question and return to work the next morning as an expert. Jill’s compassion for her patients and staff make her an ideal pharmacist to work with”

V: Versatile – Craig Brauer “Craig shares his time between inpatient and outpatient settings and does an incredible job at both… he is an excellent example of the versatility needed by pharmacists in today’s ever- changing landscape of healthcare”

E: Excellent – Dan Fieland “Dan provides exceptional preceptorship to students and residents because of his vast knowledge base, positive attitude and thoroughness… Dan is the definition of excellence”

R: Resilient – Christina Peterson “Christina jokes that she is not only a glass-half-full type of person, she’s a ‘let’s fill up this empty glass too while we’re at it’ type of person…. She is not only a fine example of resiliency but an excellent model of a diverse woman in pharmacy”

S: Synergistic – Kevin Russell “What amazes Oregon State students most is Kevin’s unbounded enthusiasm for pharmacy. He works tirelessly with professionals from all specialties to advance the health care system, to care for patients, and ultimately keep people safe”

I: Industrious – Kate James “Kates unique approach to leadership and pharmacy practice is what makes her one of the best pharmacists that Oregon has to offer… her can do attitude and passion for collaborative problem solving has allowed Kate to help patients who have lost hope of finding symptomatic relief”

T: Tenacious – Chelsea Bond “Chelsea tenacity to provide the best care possible for her patients is apparent in the accommodations she makes for them. I have literally seen her walk out of her office during her lunch break to take the INR of a patient with walking difficulties. Her compassion and drive allow her to make a positive difference in the lives of her patients.”

Y: Your-go-to – Ehsan Seyedhossini “Ehsan’s constructive feedback makes the entire team at the pharmacy more productive… Ehsan dedicates himself to teaching, often demonstrating to students how he would approach a problem they encountered.”

From OSU students to Oregon Pharmacists:

Thank you for being our preceptors, mentors and teachers. Thank you for inspiring us to be life-long learners, to push our profession forward and to come up with creative and meaningful solutions to the world’s toughest healthcare issues.

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