2021-2022 OSPA Board of Directors Election

It’s that time of year again! Cast your ballot for the 2021-2022 OSPA Board of Directors! This year’s open positions include President-Elect and Directors from the Central, Central Valley/Coast and Northern Regions. The election will run the entire month of August and is only for OSPA members.

Deadline to submit your ballot is August 31, 2021.

Choosing to serve your profession through elected volunteer leadership is one of the most important decisions a pharmacy professional can make. OSPA is extremely fortunate to have a large number of strong leaders who currently choose to donate their most valued assets – time and wisdom – to advancing the pharmacy profession and promoting patient access to high-quality care and services.



After spending the last five years in the long-term-care pharmacy industry, I recently joined Prescryptive Health as the Director of Pharmacy Relations, working closely with pharmacies to dynamically shift the way both pharmacists and patients interact with technology. In 2017, during my time in LTC, I joined the OSPA Board of Directors as the Long-Term-Care chairman, a position I have held over the past 4 years. Additionally, I have served on the Executive Committee over the past year and a half – shining light on the innerworkings of the organization and further energizing my belief that OSPA will adapt to find value, and push the envelope, for our members.

Statement of Interest

Having served on the OSPA Board of Directors, I have witnessed the transformation of our organization structure first hand and am truly excited to execute the organization’s vision to educate, advocate, engage, and specifically empower, those in the pharmacy profession across the state – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This role is critical to the success of both the organization and profession; and, the next few years represent a critical time for our organization as we work with our Executive Director to navigate this new landscape and capitalize on the value pharmacists have proven during the pandemic. I would be honored to tackle this challenge by leading our organization and would be committed to keeping the positive momentum our organization has worked so hard to achieve, while helping to create solutions to benefit our entire profession.

Central Region


Kevin received his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Oregon State University in 1993, an MBA from Oregon State University in 2015 and Board Certification in Ambulatory Care in 2017.  Kevin has worked as a pharmacist in health system pharmacies, was an independent pharmacy owner, has been a district pharmacy manager for a chain drug store, and a pharmacy operations manager for a health system.  Kevin has served the Oregon State Pharmacy Association as a past president and recently as legislative chair.  Kevin currently works in Redmond, Oregon as the Director of Pharmacy for Clinical Operations for Prescryptive Health.

Statement of Interest

I look forward to continuing to serve the pharmacists of Oregon as your Central Oregon representative.  These are trying times to be a pharmacist.  PBMs have ruined our industry with low payments and high fees.  This has resulted in labor cutbacks, high job stress, and less time with patients.  This is unsustainable, unsafe, and untenable as a professional.  I will continue to fight for PBM reform and fair payments as providers of healthcare.

We are at the beginning of a tough transition from getting paid to sell drugs to being paid to provide healthcare.  The solution is to set up models in all practice settings where pharmacists are paid for providing patient care and medication management activities and then scaling it up, so this becomes the new business model for pharmacy.  This transition cannot happen fast enough as many of our pharmacies are on fire or going out of business.  It is my mission to both advocate for this reform and help our pharmacists and technicians through this transition.

I would like to disclose that my employer, Prescryptive Health, is a PBM which is working to disrupt the industry.  My mission there is the same.  I will declare a conflict of interest when this is relevant to OSPA business or advocacy.


Central Valley/Coast Region


I am a Clinical Program Manager at Umpqua Health Alliance where I coordinate the medication therapy management program and assist with other clinical pharmacy initiatives and tasks. I have been working as a managed care pharmacist for Oregon CCO’s for the past 6 years and previously worked in a variety of healthcare settings. While I was working as a pharmacist for a large retail chain I had the opportunity to meet many Oregon pharmacists while I was positioned in Newport and all along the Willamette Valley who had shared concerns and love for our field.  After benefiting from many Oregon State Pharmacy Association resources and conventions over the past several years I joined the OSPA Board of Directors during the fall of 2020 and have been actively engaged on several committees.

Statement of Interest

During my time served on the OSPA Board of Directors, I have become increasingly optimistic about the future of the pharmacy profession and honored to be part of an organization taking a proactive and holistic approach to advocacy, education, and support of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. I would be honored to continue to serve as the representative for the Willamette Valley/Coast.


Northern Region


Amanda Meeker, PharmD, is a Clinical Coordinator at  CareOregon, a managed care organization in Portland, Oregon. There, she serves the  Medicaid and Medicare population and collaborates with healthcare providers on various initiatives aimed at improving cost effectiveness and quality of care. Amanda is passionate about professional organizations and continues to stay involved in the Oregon State Pharmacy Association, the American Pharmacists Association, and the Oregon Pharmacy Coalition. In her free time, she likes to knit and is working on keeping up with her dog, Huck, during dog agility class.


These are challenging times, but they present an opportunity to move the profession forward. I would be honored to continue to represent the northern region on the OSPA Board of Directors to help position our members to take on the challenges we have ahead of us.