Oregon Pharmacy PBM Study


OSPA hired 3 Axis Advisors, owned by Antonio Ciaccia, to do an investigative report into PBM issues in Oregon. Antonio and his team have participated in our meetings with the Oregon Secretary of State auditors, so everyone is working together on behalf of Oregonians. Our research project with 3 Axis Advisors will be completed at the end of October, so their findings will setup our legislative bills for 2023 and provide important details to the Secretary of State to investigate further.

3 Axis Advisors arms clients with independent data analysis needed to spur change and innovation within their respective industries. Their founders were instrumental in exposing the drug pricing distortions and supply chain inefficiencies embedded in Ohio’s Medicaid managed care program. They are also the co-founders of 46brooklyn Research, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the transparency and accessibility of drug pricing data for the American public.