Board of Directors & Committees

If you are interested in joining one of the following committees, please contact the OSPA office at 503.582.9055 or email.

  • Annual Convention Planning Committee
  • OSPA Lane County Seminar Planning Committee
  • Scholarship Committee
  • Pharmacy Month Planning Committee
  • Awards Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Social Media Committee
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee
  • Formulary Committee

Learn more about each of our Board of Directors by watching their videos here.

Board of Directors

Dan Kennedy, RPh (2023-2024)

President Elect
Amanda Meeker, PharmD

Immediate Past-President
Kevin Smith, PharmD (2023-2024)

Jeff Fortner, PharmD (2022-2024)

Regional Directors
(Elected for a two-year term and may be re-elected for one additional term of two years)

Director-Northern Region
Austin Blakeslee, PharmD (2024-2025)

Director-Central Valley/Coast
Amanda Cramer, PharmD (2023-2025)

Director – Central Oregon Region
Levi Martin, PharmD (2023-2025)

Director – Southern Region
Molly Bloom, PharmD (2023-2024)

Director-Eastern Region
Ann Murray, RPh (2023-2024)

Directors at Large
(Appointed for a two-year term and may be reappointed for one additional term of two years, with exception of OSHP director who serves a one year term)

Director – Community Practice
Crystal Sharp, PharmD (2023-2025)

Zack Korstian, PharmD (2022-2024)

Director-Hosp/Hlth Syst
Ryan Gibbard, PharmD, BCPS (2023-2024)

Director-Pacific University School of Pharmacy
Anita Cleven, PharmD, RPh (2020-2024)

Director-OSU College of Pharmacy
Lorinda Anderson, PharmD (2022-2024)

Director-Technician Academy

Student Directors
(Appointed for a 1 year term)

Director-Pacific University Student
Levi Ables (2024-2025)

Director-OSU Student
Joanna Wattimena (2024-2025)

Executive Committee

Dan Kennedy, RPh

Amanda Meeker, PharmD

Immediate Past President
Kevin Smith, PharmD

Jeff Fortner, PharmD

At-Large Director
Zack Korstian, PharmD

At-Large Director
Molly Bloom, PharmD

Membership Committee

Committee Chair
Molly Bloom, PharmD

Scholarship Committee

Committee Co-Chair
Anita Cleven, PharmD., RPh

Committee Co-Chair
Lorinda Anderson, PharmD

Events Committee

Annual Convention Chair
Amanda Meeker, PharmD

Lane County CE Committee Co-Chair
Sharon Rask, RPh

Lane County CE Committee Co-Chair
Crystal Sharp, PharmD, MBA


OSPA Lobbyists & Committee Chairs
Niki Terzieff and Bill Cross

Josh Free, PharmD, MBA

Legislative Committee Chair
Amanda Meeker, PharmD

Pharmacy Practice Committee

Committee Chair
Dan Kennedy, RPh

Formulary Work Group
Crystal Sharp, PharmD

Emergency Preparedness Chair
Amy Cervan, PharmD

Senior Care Practice Chair
Si Simonson, PharmD, FASCP

Finance Committee

Committee Chair
Jeff Fortner, PharmD

Annual Awards Committee

Committee Chair