Board of Pharmacy Survey

Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences with OSPA regarding their challenges with the Oregon Board of Pharmacy (OBOP).  We had an outstanding response rate with 130 of you completing the survey. This definitely shows the passion of our members.

We met with Joe Schnabel, OBOP Executive Director, and Jennifer Davis, Pharmacy Consultant to present the findings and communicate our concerns.

There were three common themes that were identified in the survey.  These were:

  • communication during the rulemaking process
  • being told by the Board to “ask a lawyer” when pharmacists contact them to ask a clarification question
  • too many rules

This was a positive meeting with the OBOP staff. We feel that they heard our concerns because of the substantial participation by OSPA members to the survey. We did get a few clarifications, but we didn’t see any commitment to making changes.

During the meeting, Joe confirmed that we cannot get an answer during the rulemaking process. All questions that are submitted are sent to the board members for review and consideration, but they  are unable to directly answer them. He also shared that OBOP board members can give their personal opinion, but they cannot speak on behalf of the board except if they are the President or Vice President of the Board.

OSPA will continue to work on your behalf and we will continue the conversation with the OBOP and other stakeholders in the hope of affecting change for the better in our profession. We are here for the pharmacists, technicians and students in Oregon. We want to help you!

Oregon Board of Pharmacy Satisfaction Survey FINAL 2_17_22