OSPA Applauds Governor Brown and Legislators for Passage of PBM Regulation Bill

On Tuesday, July 16, 2019, Governor Kate Brown signed Oregon HB 2185, relating to pharmacy benefit managers, into law: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2019R1/Measures/Overview/HB2185 The bill, supported by the Oregon State Pharmacy Association (OSPA), establishes some basic fair practices: Allows patients the option to use a local pharmacy instead of mandating use of a mail order pharmacy; Allows local […]

The 2018 Mid-Election Politics

By Bill Cross & Niki Terzieff, OSPA’s Government Affairs Advocates Although your advocacy leaders are already thinking about policy proposals and strategies for the 2019 Legislative Session, running as background script throughout this year – and all advocacy activities – is the mid-term election cycle. Without even contemplating national politics… it’s going to be a […]

2018 Primaries and Possible Special Session

By Bill Cross & Niki Terzieff, OSPA’s Government Affairs Advocates The Oregon Primary Election is just a few weeks away on May 15th and has been fairly low key on the surface…but there is a lot at stake. The makeup of the Oregon Legislature is 17 Democrats and 13 Republicans in the Senate and 35 […]

Session may be short but has lots of spark

By Bill Cross & Niki Terzieff, OSHP’s Government Affairs Advocates A little over half-way through the 2018 legislative session and legislators, staff, lobbyists and state agency officials are all complaining about the intensity of the “short” session. The “short” session is conducted in the even-numbered years and is limited to 35 days. Approved by the […]

It Ain’t All Gumdrops & Rainbows

By Bill Cross & Niki Terzieff, OSPA’s Government Affairs Advocates The State Legislature mercifully adjourned this past July, giving way to a short reprieve before the Interim Legislative Days just in mid-September. Gone are the days when policy making – and the ensuing politics – take the holidays off. Any more, the interim is hardly […]