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General COVID-19 Vaccine Billing Resources

The State of Oregon now requires insurers to cover COVID-19 vaccinations – For the 2.2.21 OHA news release click here.

Vaccine Administration Charges

Providers are prohibited from charging any fees to any individual receiving a vaccine including any ‘voluntary’ fee. Providers may submit claims to public, commercial insurers and Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for uninsured individuals.  Medicaid reimburses providers at the rate of 100% of Medicare for vaccine administration which is approximately $17 for the first administration and $28 for the second dose.

Making Changes to COVID Enrollment Information

After approving COVID-19 provider enrollment forms, OHA has been asked by providers if they can make changes to the information that was already submitted. That is now possible for certain things, not including key staff or signatures.

To update information such as storage capacity, revisit your pandemic provider application and update the Storage & Handling section.

1. Go to the link above  2.  Enter your AL#   3. Click on the ‘Modify Enrollment’ link at the bottom, right corner of the page.   4.  Click the ‘Forward’ button at the top, right corner of the page until you get to the Storage & Handling part of the application. Make any necessary changes.  5. Click ‘Save and Exit.

Report COVID Vaccine Billing Issues Here

With many new aspects to billing for the COVID vaccine at play, NCPA has developed a new tool for pharmacies to report issues they may encounter with either medical benefit or prescription benefit claims. These reports will be monitored and aggregated to identify systematic issues being faced by pharmacies across the country as they serve their patients and communities. NCPA appreciates the input and collaboration from APhA and state pharmacy associations on this effort.  https://form.jotform.com/210184529648057

COVID-19 Billing Guidance Article from PAAS


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