Letter To All Pharmacy Staff

OSPA Statement of Support for Pharmacy Staff during COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out

November 20, 2020 – As we continue to face our stressful and often uncertain 2020 in the pharmacy profession, there is hope brewing on the horizon in the hunt for an effective COVID-19 vaccine. As stated in a recent Pfizer news release, their COVID-19 vaccine candidate has thus far demonstrated a 90% efficacy rate in its 43,000+ participant Phase III trial. They estimate with FDA approval they will be able to supply 50 million doses globally by the end of 2020 and up to 1.3 billion doses in 2021. Furthermore, on November 16th we learned that Moderna’s vaccine candidate had demonstrated an astonishing 94.5% efficacy rate in its 30,000 participant Phase III trial up to that point. The prospect of having an effective weapon to begin neutralization of COVID-19 offers the promise of returning our lives to some semblance of normalcy. OSPA recognizes that as the COVID vaccine begins roll-out to many different pharmacy settings, there will be added burdens placed on pharmacy staff statewide as the critical process of immunizing our populations begins.

OSPA would like to recognize all the impactful efforts of our members and of pharmacy team members across the state throughout the COVID pandemic up to this point and continuing into the foreseeable future. OSPA would like you to know that as always, we continue to support you and will work on your behalf as a continuing education provider of timely and relevant topics. We also continue to support various pharmacy legislative issues through our OSPA legislative branch – the OSPA/OSHP Joint Legislative Branch (OOJLC). From the bottom of our hearts, thank you from OSPA! Please reach out anytime for how we can continue to serve you going forward.